help: ebook leap tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a beautiful ebook with ebook leap and publish it yourself on all of the major platforms, allowing you to keep 100% of the net royalty.

Create an ebook with ebook leap

My Books

Your MY BOOKS page allows you to store up to 10 books. You can also edit and delete your books here.

On this page, you will find the CREATE NEW BOOK button. Click this button to start creating a new book.

ebook leap Editor

On the left side of the page, you can add the title of the book, the author name, chapters titles and upload your cover picture. On the right side of the page, you can edit the content of each selected chapter.

  • ebook parameters

Select "Include default title page" if you want to have a simple title page at the beginning of the book. This page will be located immediatly after the cover page and just before your first chapter.

The page will look like this in Apple iBooks:

Select "Include default table of contents" if you want to have a simple table of contents at the beginning of the book. This page will be located immediatly after the title page and just before your first chapter.

The page will look like this in Apple iBooks:

  • Add chapters

Click on "add a chapter" to add a new chapter to the table of contents of your ebook. A link in the table of contents of your book will lead to the relevant content page in your ebook.

Input the name of the chapter in the input box.

When you click on a chapter, the content from the chapter loads instantly in the html editor on the right, allowing you to continue to edit the html content in the editor.

  • Add content to your chapters

To add content to your chapters, you can simply paste your text in the content section and then apply the styles and fonts of your choices. If you copy text from html (with styles), the styling will be removed when you paste it. This ensures that the ePub file will be 100% compatible when published. You will have to re-apply the styles of your choice on ebook leap. You also have the option of typing text directly into the html content box, or editing pasted text.

  • Insert an image

Insert an image into you ebook by clicking on the "Insert image" button.

Insert images (pictures, illustrations, charts, etc.) into your ebook by clicking on the "Insert image" button.

Select the place in your text where you want to add an image and the image will be uploaded into your account and inserted within the text. The image may take a few seconds to upload.

Right Click on the image to modify its width (set by default to 50%), the size of the image border or the alignment of the image (left or right).

  • Apply styles to your text

Select the parts of text you want to apply a style to and then click on the various buttons that enable you to customize your text. Options include:

  • Font size

  • Text and background colors

  • Bold, italic, underlined text

  • Center, justify left or right

  • Insert hyperlinks

  • Feature quotes

All the html elements used will be 100% compatible with any ebook reader.

  • Select chapter style

Click on the "Chapter Style" button to select a chapter decoractor.

Select your prefered chapter design:

The decorator will be added under every chapter heading. Some padding (white spaces) will be added on top and below the chapter heading.

The chapter style selected will appear like this in your ebook:

If you wish to include your own custom chapter design, select "No chapter Style". And then insert your custom chapter heading on top of every content page in the editor.

  • Insert Paragraph decorators

You also have the option to insert paragraph decorators within your text in the html editor, in order to enhance the reading experience. You can choose from the following images:

  • Include a cover page

Click on the "cover" button to add a cover picture to your EPUB file. The ideal ratio for your cover file picture is 1.5. The formats accepted are JPEG or PNG.

For instance you can upload a picture of 1333 pixels of width and 2000 pixels of height.

Once uploaded, your image will load in the cover element.

  • Save your Book

Before you complete and download your book as an EPUB file, be sure to save your changes by clicking the button "save book". This allows you to save the book for now and continue editing it later.

  • Download EPUB file

Once your book is saved, you can download it as an EPUB file. The EPUB file will download automatically in your default download folder on your computer. You can then open your book in your favorite reader. We recommend Apple iBooks on a Mac (installed by default) and Bibliovore ebook Reader for PC.

Once you are satisfied with the rendering of your ebook, you can buy the publishing pack if you want to publish your book on all of the major platforms.

  • Buy Publishing Pack

The Publishing package includes files specifically formatted to publish your ebook on all of the major platforms: an epub file specifically designed for Apple iBooks, Kobo and Nook Press, and a mobi file specifically designed for Amazon Kindle. The ebook leap watermark will be removed on these files.

The cost of the publishing pack is $9.90. The secured payment can be done with any credit card or a PayPal account.

Once the payment is complete, you will be redirected to a download link for your publishing pack.

You are now ready to publish your ebook yourself on all of the major platforms and start selling! Just follow our tutorial below: How to Publish your ebook on the major platforms.

How to publish your ebook on the major platforms

  • Where to publish?

Based on independent authors sales history, here is an average revenue split when you sell your book on all of the major platforms:

               - Amazon Kindle: 50%

               - Kobo: 26%

               - Apple iBooks: 17%

               - Nook Press: 4%

               - Other platforms: 2%

In order to maximize your revenue, you need to focus only on a few distribution platforms: Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Nook Press covers 98% of the market.

  • Create accounts on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook

Create self-publishing accounts on each selling platform for free.

You will need to gather the following information that you will be requested to provide when you create these accounts:

       - Your home adress

       - Your Social Security Number (SSN) if you are an individual

       - Your Employer Identification number (EIN) if you are a company

       - Name of your bank where you wish to receive the royalties

       - The Bank account number where you wish receive the royalties

       - The Routing Number for your bank

Publish on Amazon KDP

  • Create a KDP Account

You can create an account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform here: Sign in with your amazon account or sign up with a different email address.

Update your account information with company/publisher information, tax information and add a bank account.

  • Create new title

  • Enter the metadata of your book

- The title of your book

- The publisher name you want to be displayed in the Kindle store

- The description of your book as it will appear in the Kindle store

- Add contributors: add the author(s) of the book

- The categories of your book: It's important to include precise categories so that you have a higher chance of being found in the Kindle store

- The search keywords: 7 keywords that will enable your ebook to be found in the Kindle store

  • Upload your cover picture

Upload your cover picture in JPG format.

  • Upload your MOBI file

Select "Enable digital rights management". Upload the file that has been provided in the ebook leap Publishing Pack.

Click on "Save and Continue"

Select a royalty option: 70% if you own the copyright of the book, and 35% if it is in the public domain.

Input the selling price of your book for each geographical zone.

You are now ready to Publish you book: Click "Save and Publish".

Congratulations! Your ebook will be in the Amazon Kindle store in the next 24 hours.

Publish on Apple iBooks

  • Sign up in iTunes Connect

Sign up for a free iTunes Connect account: You can use your Apple ID if you already have one.

On the Publisher Information page, choose a seller name that will be displayed in the iBooks store.

Verify your email address and sign in.

Select "Offer your books for Free and Sell your Books" and provide the required address and tax information.

  • Download iTunes Producer

You will need a Mac with OS X 10.10 or later to use iTunes Producer. If you don't have a Mac, you can either borrow one from a friend and use it to upload your book, or use an ebook aggregator like Smashwords. It’s important to note that the aggregator will charge you for publishing your ebook or will keep a percentage of your sales.

In your iTunes Connect account, go to "Resources and Help", "Books", and "5. Download iTunes Producer and Submit your book". Download and install the Software.

  • Publish your book

In the "Details" section of iTunes Producer, drag your cover picture in the "Cover Art" box. Input the title of your book, the name of the author, the description of the book, the subject category for your book, the publisher name, the publication date and the book language.

In the "Files" section, drag your EPUB file apple_ibooks.epub that was provided in your ebook leap Publishing Pack.

In the "Price" section, click on "+", and in "Territory Rights and Pricing", under "Publication type", select "Digital only". Choose a basis currency from which will all the other prices be calculated automatically and input the iBooks store list price (the price of your book). Under "Choose region", select "All", and click "Save". Your prices will be calculated automatically.

When you are all set, you can click on "Submit" to upload your book into the iBooks store.

Congratulations! Your ebook will be in the Apple iBooks in the next 24 hours.

Publish on Kobo

  • Create a Kobo Writing Life Account

Sign up for a free acount here:

In the "Become a Kobo-Fnac author" section, input your name and address and complete registration.

  • Publish your ebook

Click on "ebooks", then "Create a new book".

Input the title of your book, the author name, publisher name, the description, add the category of your book and then upload the book cover.

Click on "Save and Continue", then upload the file provided in the Publishing Pack: kobo.epub.

Go to "Choose Content Rights", and select "Apply Digital Right Management".

Go to "Set the Price" and input the price of your book for each currency. Save.

Then click "Publish ebook".

Congratulations! Your ebook will be on sale in the Kobo bookstore in the next 24 hours.

Publish on Nook Press

  • Sign up on Nook Press

Sign up on Nook Press here:

Establish a "Vendor Account" with your personnal, tax and banking information, so that you can publish your book on Nook Press.

  • Publish your book

Click on "Create New Project".

Upload your EPUB file provided in the Publishing Pack (nook.epub) in "Upload Manuscript File".

In the "Cover Image" section, upload your cover page. Don't add the cover image to your manuscript, as it is already added inside your epub file created with ebook leap.

Enter the title of your book, name of the author and description

Enter the category and keywords (so that your book can be discovered easily in the Nook Press search engine), the audience and language.

In "Rights and Pricing", set the DRM encryption to "Yes", and enter the price of your book in dollars.

Click on "Publish" to publish your book.

Congratulations! Your book will be available for sale in the next 24 hours in the Barnes and Nobles Nook Press ebook store.